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"Birds" - Andrew Evans - Category and Overall Winner "Places""Light Detail" - Gavin Blue - Category Winner "Things""Black Mountain Tower" - Steve Lovegrove - Category Winner "People""Beach" - Lisa Saad - 3rd in "Places""MCG" - Natasha Ward - 2nd in "Places""Rosemary Beads" - Steve Lovegrove - 2nd in Category "Things""Untitled" - Jason Doyle - 3rd in Category "Things""untitled" - David White - 2nd in Category "People""untitled" - Mark Farrelly - 3rd in Category "People"Andrew Evans "Places"Lisa Saad "Places"Chuck Bradley "People"David White "People"Gemma Carr "Places"Gemma Carr "Places"Steve Scalone "Places"Steve Scalone "Places"Stephen Clarke "Places"Natasha Ward "Places"Steve Turner "Things"

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I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
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